Monday, 22 April 2013

Russian Moooo~ Ads

Russian do know about photography and even marketing skills when it come to promoting a simple product just like milk. In the coming series of photos, we can see the talented photographer, Elena Nikiforov, turning all these girls into a highly commercial models that not only showing their gorgeous face but also picking up the interest of the potential buyers.

This shot give me a sense of 'cow' with milk pouring in and the girl biting a veg and smiles to you , enough to melt you for the sake of the milk. Use your imagination !! XP 
I see this as a conceptual shot especially when that splash of milk trying to  mimic to a dark circle to a cow eye. 

This shot is more towards a high fashion feel when the seemless background  calm us down and without inspect properly, you might thought the splash had integrate with the model, just sort of like a neckcloth ?

Wonderful is the first word i can think of, in describing this image. The model  enjoys the pour !

This shot gives a very dynamic and elegant feel where you might link it with  some sort of hair ads? Pantene?  Perhaps.

The graduated dimmed background gives a cold yet modern feeling where the model is acting  with a black  rope to in surviving the milk pour.

It seems that the milk comes with unlimited supply which the model is also curious of.

Thirsty?  Posing milk with sexiness may bring more male audiences than you never expected ! 

Mooo~ im cow cow with mouth-supply milk~~Who wants to taste this delicious  m~i~l~k  ?

Augghhh~~ the milk is so powerful !

This is truly the most elegant i can say, what else do you expect? The milk is blended so well  until it act like a dress  !

Thanks for watching  and stay tuned for more mooooo~~~ Have a nice day !

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