Monday, 22 April 2013

Cosplay for the Girls

Cosplay (コスプレ kosupure) is when people dress up as their favorite character from anime, cartoons, video games, movies, or television shows. Typically this activity takes place during theme parties or at large-scale conventions like Comic-Con.

No joking, she's definitely hot !

The cosplayer's purpose may generally be sorted into one of three categories, or a combination of the three. Most cosplayers draw characteristics from all three categories:

The first is to express adoration for a character, or in feeling similar to a character in personality, seeking to become that character. This type of cosplayer may be associated with being a fan and is often labeled as an otaku. Other characteristics may be an enthusiastic manner and less attention to detail and quality. Such cosplayers are also most likely to adopt the character's personality and are known to criticise other cosplayers for not having a full knowledge of their character, or not also adopting character mannerisms.

Tomd Raider i can say? S-figure indeed !

The second is those people who enjoy the attention that cosplaying a certain character brings. Within the cultures of anime and manga specifically, as well as science fiction and fantasy, there is a certain level of notoriety that is attached to cosplayers. Such cosplayers are usually characterised by attention to detail in their garments and their choice of popular characters. They are also noted by participation in cosplay competitions.

There are more and more western figures especially  Marvel and DC Comics character had been play by  cosplayers nowadays.

The third is those who enjoy the creative process, and the sense of personal achievement upon completion. Such people are more likely to have a greater budget dedicated to the project, more complicated and better quality outfits with access to more materials. They are also more likely to engage with professional photographers and cosplay photographers to take high quality images of the cosplayer in their garment posing as the character.

Typical Japanese-cute face and style

The most popular form of presenting a cosplay is by wearing it to a fan convention.The single largest event featuring cosplay is the semi-annual doujinshi market, Comiket, held in Japan during summer and winter. It is capable of  attracting hundreds of thousands of manga and anime fans.

The largest event for cosplayers outside Japan is the annual San Diego Comic-Con. The biggest event in the UK is the London MCM Expo, while the biggest event in all of Europe takes place in France at Japan Expo in Paris, with an attendance of over 200,000 in 2012. The biggest anime convention in North America is Anime Expo, held in Los Angeles. Some of the shots include:

The real-life agent in action

Familiar with the lady on the right?

Oriental style in Comic Con 2012

Elegant yet cute cosplayer

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