Monday, 22 April 2013

Russian Angel

For centuries the world has wondered what to believe about Russia. The country has been reported variously as a land of unbelievable riches and indescribable poverty, cruel tyrants and great minds, generous hospitality and meddlesome bureaucracy, beautiful ballets and industrial monstrosities, pious faith and unbridled hedonism. 

These eternal Russian truths coexist in equally diverse landscapes of icy tundra and sun-kissed beaches, dense silver birch and fir forests and deep and mysterious lakes, snow-capped mountains and swaying grasslands – those famous steppes. Factor in ancient fortresses, luxurious palaces, swirly spired churches and lost-in-time wooden villages and you’ll begin to see why Russia is simply amazing.

Today, Russia not only started to become one of the economy body e.g. China, but also advancing in many of prospective. One of the aspect is the 'Russia Girl', 

Russian women tend to be much more family-oriented than their American counterparts. While many successful American women seem to put their jobs first, Russian women consider their jobs only as a means to support the family. Their husbands and children come first. 

Russian women do not think it is wrong to believe that women and men are different. Not that one is better or worse than another, but equal in different ways.They are not slaves, but equals. Russian women believe that men and women have different roles in life, and these roles seem to reflect the roles which existed during the 1950's here in the US. They want to keep the house, cook the meals, etc.

Russian women are less materialistic than many Americans. As long as they have a roof over their heads, and, surprisingly enough, a car (not necessarily a good one, but anything), that is enough. 

Russian women are feminine, loving, sweet, and traditionally minded. They can be your best friend, your lover, your partner. They can be the answer to your prayers. 

    But they are not for everyone. They are not slaves or servants. They will not accept you only for your wallet. And they are not for men who are hidebound in their ways.

In any relationship you might want to pursue, put in your real efforts and be sincere all the time, nevertheless where the girl comes from. Comments are welcome !

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