Tuesday, 28 May 2013

US Top Campus Girl, Damaris, The Girl Who Spend Whole Weekends Studying

What's your major and why did you choose it?
I have a Biology major with a minor in Chemistry and Psychology. Eventually I would like to become a Dermatologist and for this reason getting into med school is my top priority at the moment; as such a major in Biology will help me attain this immediate goal. 

What do you plan to do when you graduate?
Once I graduate UM undergrad I hope to attend med school and be one step closer to my goal of becoming a Dermatologist.

Name one thing people shouldn't miss in your college town.
Miami is such a big city; there isn’t just one thing you must see when coming here. You’ve got to stop at South beach during the day for the gorgeous beach and at night for all of the night festivities such as the clubs. Taking a party boat from the docks of Bayside is another must. The list of things to do goes on and on. Let me know when your down here in Miami and I'll compose an itinerary.:)

How would your best friends describe you?
I would have to say outgoing and a great listener. 

Reveal to us your secret obsession.
It’s not really a secret, but I can’t go one day without eating ice cream! :)

When nobody's watching, what can we catch you doing?
I dance in front of the mirror while singing; it’s quite amusing.

What would your ideal vacation be?
My ideal vacation would be one filled with peace. I find the most peace sitting on the sand of a beautiful beach at an exotic location; perhaps the Fiji Islands.

Describe your best Halloween costume.
Typically I have very boring costumes for Halloween. Last year I was a pirate and the year before I was Jane from Tarzan and Jane. I hope that I could come up with an exciting costume this year.

If you won the lottery, what would you do?
The first thing I would have to do is pay off my school loans, and put money away for med school. I would then give a good portion to St. Jude’s Hospital. Whatever is left I would invest it in hopes that it would increase in profit.

If you could do something completely spontaneous right now and not get in trouble you would?
Get on a plane and travel the world. But of course I have responsibilities such as school.

What has been your best memory of college so far?
Friday night dinners with a few of my friends. I haven’t been able to get together with my friends to have a dinner night this year because I haven’t stopped studying, but I intend to start them very soon. I miss talking to my friends over a great dinner and good cup of wine.

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