Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Pregnant Danielle Lloyd Confirms Her Boy Baby Bump After Sweet Pregnancy Cravings

Pregnant Danielle Lloyd has confirmed that her baby bump is a boy, and confessed she was initially upset that it wasn't a girl when she found out - especially as Danielle had been craving sweet, sugary treats which were the opposite of her savoury cravings during her last two pregnancies.

The pregnant WAG, 29, admitted that after having two sons, Archie, two and Harry 22 months, she was hoping for a girl.

Danielle told Closer magazine: "Last week I went for my 20 week scan and found out I was having a boy. After having two boys, I was really keen for a little girl and as soon as the doctor told me it was a boy, I got very emotional."

She continued: "Jamie smiled and said: 'Wow, three boys - it's going to be amazing!' But he could tell I was upset. As soon as I got home though, and saw my two amazing boys I felt like such a fool and realised there are some people who can't even have kids, so I'm so lucky to have three healthy boys."

Danielle had been craving sugary treats which we took to mean she was expecting a girl, as she craved savoury treats like McDonalds during her last two pregnancy.

The star famously chowed down on two Maccy Ds meals per day when pregnant with first son, Archie.

Danielle also made it clear at the start of her pregnancy that she wanted a baby girl.

She said: "It's going to be our last baby, so I’d love to have a little girl I can dress up rather than have to play football with! I can’t wait to be a mum again – although this will be our last baby. I can’t believe I’ll have three children under four!"

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