Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Kellie Pickler Crowned New 'Dancing With the Stars' Champ

Don't let her blond hair and large doe eyes fool you: Kellie Pickler is very aware of her own strength and cunning. The country singer and "American Idol" alum, 26, opened up to a special military issue of Maxim recently about just what it means to be a full-fledged country gal.

Asked about the stereotype that small-town gals can be trouble, Pickler played coy."We might be, but we can also con our way out of it," she told the magazine. "A country girl can talk her way out of a ticket. Not that I've ever been pulled over..."

Pickler, who grew up in a military family, is currently on her fifth tour with the USO, providing support and entertainment for the troops overseas.And, according to the crooner, she fits right in. "I go through the airport with the official military travel backpacks, and people will come up and say, 'Thank you for your service.' I'm like 'Oh, no. Don't let these bags fool you. I'm just a big supporter!'" she said. "I know they're either going, 'She's in the service?' or 'Man, we're f--ked.'"

Pickler even brought a wounded Marine, Sgt. Sean DeBevolse, to the CMT Awards this past year.

The self-professed Marilyn Manson fan doesn't even mind the oft-grungy conditions of the remote locations she visits."You really forget about your surroundings," she said. "When I look back at pictures, I'm like, 'Wow. That was a bit of a dump.' When we went to Iraq, we stayed in one of Saddam's palaces. It was kind of creepy.

"If those walls could talk, there's no telling what stories they'd tell. It's nicer than a tent, but in some ways a tent might be better, you know?"

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