Monday, 20 May 2013

Getting to Know Kate Bock [PART 2/2]

Kate Bock: Thank you! I knew the date it was being announced so I was checking the SI swim website constantly. All of a sudden, the video of me thanking everyone for voting showed up! It was so exciting.

JB: The Rookie of the Year alumni includes some major names. How do you feel about now being included in the club?

KB: It’s really such an honor — an exciting and amazing list to be added to. I hope and wish and pray I can one day be a major name for another girl to look up to.

JB: How were you first discovered?

KB: At the pool in my hometown by my mother agent, Liz Bell.

JB: Many models are now crossing over between swimsuit, editorial and runway. How do you see your modeling career progressing?

KB: I really love this profession — especially the fact that every job is totally different from the last. I want to do amazing, creative fashion editorials, but I also love beachy swim shoots and family catalog clients. I like to stay busy with a mix of things.

JB: Describe your personal sense of style.

JB: What's the last thing you Googled?

KB: I met Gilbert Gottfried at a Rangers game the other night and knew he was going to be on Wife Swap, so I googled what date and time to tune in – hah!


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