Saturday, 25 May 2013

Epic Hotness Priscilla Caripan

We always like to bring you guys a little taste of something new when we find it, and the lovely Priscilla Caripan certainly qualifies as a tasty treat. 

Priscilla is posing in the Spanish magazine DSS, but posing on what looks like a Nebraska farm.

Okay. I guess if you grew up amidst Andalusian hills, fighting fascists and dancing your native dances underneath Roman and Moorish ruins while surrounded by ancient, majestic lands, going on location in a boring Nebraska cornfield might be what a Spanish magazine would find exotic.

Actually, Priscilla is Canadian, which ads an even further degree of unusual to the situation.

A Spanish magazine, hiring a smoking hot Canadian, to do a photo shoot in a Nebraska farm.

It's a damn good thing Priscilla is hot.

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