Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Don't burst her bubble! Yearbook photo of Gwyneth Paltrow shows cooler side to star as she cheekily poses in leather jacket PART-2

Posing with a ball in her hand in her gym kit, the star, who then had shorter hair, looked happy alongside the rest of the volleyball team. 

She was clearly just as much as a fan of sport then as she was now as another snap from the same year shows her posing with the track team.

While she’s always had an athletic figure, the mother-of-two didn’t always have the same sleek hair she has now. 

A picture shows her sitting on some school steps with friends, with her hair looking much frizzier than it does now. 

She was clearly going through the usual teenage transformation at that stage as another picture of her goofing around shows she’s wearing braces.

There is also a picture of her looking almost as she did when she first burst onto the acting scene, as she hugs her mother Blythe Danner.  

A couple of years ago the Iron Man star returned to her alma mater and spoke about the training she had there.

She said: ‘I studied drama here, but I didn’t study it past being at Spence ... My mother ... has done a lot of stage work. I got a great education from her ... and growing up here where I went to the theater all the time. I’ve developed my own technique, but the most important thing is your instincts.’


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