Thursday, 23 May 2013

Miranda Kerr Shows Her Breasts During Photo Shoot PART-1

Former Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr accidentally showed a little more skin than intended during a photo shoot for her Kora Cosmetics line. 

Thanks to a loose top and a windy day, Kerr's breasts were exposed briefly for the camera.

The nip-slip occurred last Wednesday (May 15), during the Kora shoot in Miami, Florida. 

Kerr had been wearing an off-the-shoulder top with nothing underneath, and unfortunately that was not exactly weather appropriate.

A slightly stronger gust of wind caused the entire shirt to slip down, briefly baring the model's breasts completely before assistants could cover her up.

It's not like this is the first time anyone has seen Kerr's breasts of course.

As a Victoria's Secret model, all that hid Kerr's chest was a series of sexy bras. 

Also, during the 2009 launch of Kora Cosmetics, Miranda Kerr posed nude, covering her breasts only with her arm.

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