Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Jennifer Lawrence 's Gawn Fall During SAG Awards

Jennnifer Lawrence featured in a black and white image

Did "Silver Linings Playbook" actress Jennifer Lawrence show  a different way of accepting her trophy Sunday at the SAG Awards?
While many watching live thought Lawrence ripped her gown as she lifted it up to make the trek up the stairs toward her prize for female actor in a film — and certainly, for a second, a lighter, sheer navy could be seen seen across her thighs.

But don worry. The dress was Christian Dior- which means it was designed that way!

Jennifer Lawrence featured in Vanity Fair cover

"The dress is made with different levels of tulle and satin and that is what the viewers saw when Jennifer lifted her dress slightly," said the House of Dior , refers to USA Today. "It was not ripped and there was no malfunction ... it was the design of the gown."
Source:[LA Times]

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