Sunday, 10 July 2011

Rihanna Racy British GQ

Rihanna has always been a bold girl. Her songs are often a sexy revelation while her risqué clothing strikes the mind. And despite the fact she has never posed totally nude she likes to show her curves from time to time. Her recent daring venture was the racy photoshoot for British GQ January 2011 issue.

 Rihanna has posed in a black corset and fishnets for the cover of GQ January 2011 edition looking sexy and very feminine. For other photos in the pictorial the red hot star wore a nude-colored lingerie ensemble that provided great coverage but still looked very appealing. Black satin underwear set added extra chic to the image book.

 Overall i'm very admire the theme and enjoy the impact that the photographer wants to bring about.It is sexy, racy, bold and daring.Bravo!

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