Friday, 1 July 2011

Kate Moss Topshop dress collections-2009

Whatever you say, Kate Moss knows a thing or two about fashion and style. Though her off-catwalk wardrobe choices might sometimes be doubted as stylish, elegant or feminine, her collection for the highstreet Topshop is always really hot.
Here are the photos of Kate Moss for Topshop Summer line.

The range consists of 90 pieces that are traditionally inspired by the super model’s own style. The collection is marked by the vintage tendency with a lot of chiffon, light and sheer fabrics, bold prints and super trendy accessories.

Kate Moss follows the major shoe trends as well, presenting exotic skin sandals and gladiator shoes.

Although the collection is 2  years ago, we still can see the power of Kate Moss in the dress,the impact of the presenter for the dress is truely the biggest success of the marketing of this series.No doubt Topshop has make a great decision hiring SO expensive model to present this series of dresses.

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